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Hi. I'm Jen, the owner of For Your Spot.

I have had a lifelong love of animals of all types. This love has always  allowed me to create a special bond with animals. For this reason, working with and caring for animals has been my lifelong path. I have shared my home with dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and I have always had a fascination with horses.

Working in the veterinary medical field for over 8  years I understand how much responsibility, patience and knowledge caring for pets requires. I have a B.S. in Biology, am a certified professional pet sitter through Pet Sitters International (PSI) and National Association for Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), and am a certified pet first aid & CPR instructor through Pet Tech.

Currently my husband and I are owned by two rescue cats, Sonny & Walter. As a For Your Spot client, I encourage you to contact me any time. I am always available to answer any questions and address any concerns. I look forward to welcoming you into the For Your Spot family


Hello, I'm Justin.

In June of 2011, I joined the For Your Spot team while on summer break from nursing school. Since then, I have gained employment as a registered nurse; therefore, I pet sit on a part time basis.

Animals were a big part of my childhood. I spent a lot of time on my uncles' farms caring for horses, pigs, chickens and sheep. Also, dogs and cats were always part of my immediate and extended family. I now have two cats, Sonny and Walter, both are rescues and love to wrestle.

In September of 2013 I enjoyed Pet Sitters International's Quest for Excellence conference where I attended seminars covering various aspects of the pet sitting profession such as puppy behavior and development. I am certified in both human and pet first aid & CPR and look forward to meeting you and your beloved pets.


Hello, my name is Charmaine.

I recently joined the For Your Spot team, after my husband and I moved to Lewes in May of 2014. I retired from a major metropolitan police department, after a 28-year career in law enforcement.

During my career, I served in an elite K-9 Unit, and was partnered with an amazing German shepherd named “Bear.” Together, we specialized in tracking and apprehending criminals, locating drugs and firearms, and sweeping for explosive devices (including those tense days immediately following September 11, 2001). I received specialized training in K-9 first aid and CPR.

My husband is also a retired police officer. We worked many long hours, on often-changing shifts. We were fortunate to find a wonderful pet-sitting company in our hometown. The service was invaluable to us, giving us peace of mind so we could focus on our jobs. This experience gave me the inspiration to choose pet-sitting as my second career. I want to give others that same level of comfort, that their four-legged companions are well cared for, even when they can't be there.

My husband and I have rescued and re-homed many dogs over the years, including our current housemates. “Sasha” is a 12-year-old re-homed golden-doodle, and “Daisy” a 6-year-old poodle mix, rescued from a puppy mill.

I look forward to being of service to you and your precious four-legged family members.


Hi, my name is Lisa.

I have worked in the pet sitting field for 3 years. In 2012 I earned my dog training certification through Animal Behavior College. Also, I took a course in Feline Management & Training through Animal Behavior College. The course covered a variety of aspects of cat care including feline nutrition, handling litter box issues, training, and behavior.

I moved to Delaware from Connecticut in October 2014.  I am currently owned by 7 dogs, 5 bearded dragons, 8 fire bellied toads, a cat and a guinea pig. My love for animals goes back further than I can remember. As a child, I would bring home strays, clean them up, care for them and post flyers in hopes of finding their owners.

I cannot imagine my life without animals, and I am excited to be part of the For Your Spot team. I look forward to taking care of your furry, feathered & scaly kids.




Hello, my name is Alison.

I have recently joined the For Your Spot team after moving to Selbyville full time in July 2014.  My husband and I lived in the Philadelphia area for 22 years and decided to join my parents on the Eastern Shore.  We have two Whippets, Mona and Abe, who enjoy walks on the beach and visits to nearby parks.

In May of 2002, I received an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology.  I’ve spent time working for the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and a private practice in Huntingdon Valley, PA.  Both experiences gave me appreciation for not only caring for animals but also creating relationships with their owners.  I also received my training in Pet First Aid and CPR from Pet Tech in the summer of 2013.

During the past two years, I found myself needing additional help with my own dogs during the workday.  After finding a wonderful professional pet care business, I was able to be at work all day long, happy knowing Mona and Abe were loved and cared for the way I would want.  As a working dog mom, this was priceless.

I have been surrounded by animals most of my life, ranging from chickens and horses to cats and dogs.  They are part of our families and deserve the care and respect we can give them.  Once I moved to the area I couldn’t forget how my pet care professional made me feel and I wanted other working folks to have the same feeling and security.  Along with my love for animals and experience in their care, I was thrilled to meet Jennifer and learn more about For Your Spot. I was impressed by her integrity as a business owner and fellow animal lover.

I look forward to meeting my future animal clients, to not only help them rain or shine but to also help their owners feel good about going to work everyday.




  Hi, my name is Casey.


I am originally from Wilson, NC with a background in x-ray technology. My husband is from Delaware so we moved here in August, 2009 with our two beautiful children. Once we got settled, I couldn't decide if I wanted to jump right back to the long hours at the hospital. Jen's husband, Justin, and my husband are cousins so Jen and I met through this great family we married into. We hit it off from the very beginning! I have always loved animals but I never considered a career in professional pet sitting until Jen explained her business to me. It was a true blessing to meet her, because this gave me the opportunity to be with my family more and actually enjoy what I do for a living. I joined the awesome For Your Spot team in March 2013 and I love every minute of it...even in the pouring rain!

 I received my training in Pet First Aid & CPR through Pet Tech in 2013. I have also furthered my pet care education by attending seminars, including learning Tips for Hiking and Walking With Your Dog, and The Importance of Food in Dog Training : Preventing & Improving Behavior. 





Hello my name is Debbie,

 One day, I was looking through some of my old pictures. I realized I have been very lucky to have been raised with pets, and I continue to have these wonderful creatures in my life. I have had all sizes of dogs and many cats. Then, I thought, how great it would be to have the opportunity to work with pets. It came to my mind to check the internet, and there it was, 4YourSpot.com. I sent an email. Jennifer responded, and as of 2014 I became a part of a great team. I have always had a great love for animals, and I look forward to continuing this rewarding time with all of your loving pets.

On a personal note, it gives me so much joy to see their happy faces as I get to spend time with them.  As you all know, the moment you walk in the door they have unconditional love.



Hi, my name is Laura.

I joined the For Your Spot team in 2014 after working as a nurse for 40 years. I have been a lifelong resident of Georgetown, Delaware. I have four wonderful children and seven beautiful grandchildren. Whether it be my children, my patients, or my pets, I have spent most of my adult life caring for others.

Over the years I have had many cats and dogs. I have shared my home with two collies, a weimeraner, a german shephard, a chocolate lab, a spaniel mix and many cats. I am excited about the possibility of working in a stress free environment where I can enjoy the love of animals on a daily basis. I am now trained in Pet 1st aid and CPR through Pet Tech. Continuing my education in professional pet care is something I look forward to.





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