What We Do

For Your Spot pet sitting service offers completely customizable care for your pet(s) that can include dog walking, cat sitting, puppy play dates, senior pet care, vacation pet care, home security checks, drop in potty breaks, and medication administration.

Dog Walking

(Monday- Friday 10am-3pm)

We will provide your dog(s) with much needed exercise and companionship while you are at work. No more feeling guilty for leaving your furkids home alone for 8-10 hours a day.

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Cat Sitting

During our visits we make sure your feline friends have fresh water,a maintained meal schedule, clean litter boxes-noting their output to catch potential health issues, and lots of love and interaction.

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Vacation Pet Sitting

This service is perfect for when you go out of town for business or pleasure, or are just taking a day trip. It can include a walk and/or yard time, play, companionship, feeding, litter/cage cleaning, pet waste cleanup and our log notes.

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Additional Services

Short Notice
We are happy to take last minute requests! There is a $10 administrative fee added to any visit that is booked with less than 48 hours notice.
Supply Pick Up
If you run out of supplies while your pets are under our care, we will pick them up for you. You will be charged the cost of the supplies plus a $12 fee.
Key Copy
For Your Spot requires two sets of keys, unless you are utilizing a lock box, which will be picked up at your Client Meeting at no charge. If only one key is provided, we will make a second copy for a $5.00 fee which will be added to your first invoice.
Key pick up/return
For Your Spot retains all client keys. However, if you wish for us to pick up and return your keys each time you schedule an appointment, we do offer a Key Pick Up and Key Return Service which you will need to schedule at the time you book. We will not lock keys inside your home. Clients who do not allow us to retain their keys are responsible for ensuring we have a Key Pick Up Service scheduled before their appointment begins. Any locksmith charges incurred due to For Your Spot not having a key at the beginning of the appointment will be billed to the client. There is a $12 charge for each occurrence of the Key Pick Up or Drop Off Service, and client’s must give the office at least two weeks notice when scheduling either of these services. Again, we highly recommend utilizing a lock box if you do not wish for us to retain your keys for future or emergency visits.
Holiday Surcharge
There is a $10 holiday surcharge ($30 for overnights) added to each visit.