Jennifer Stevenson is a God-send to us! My husband and I moved to Delaware last September. Our two dogs, a Dane still up in Maine, and our Newfoundland vacationing in CT, could not come with us immediately when we moved. We moved them down in January, once we found a house to live in. I really stressed over finding the right PERSON for our Dane. She is very shy, and it takes her awhile to warm up to people. I found Jennifer on the Internet and what drew me to her was her experience as a Tech in an Animal Hospital. I thought, if anyone might compare or come close to the awesome people I had as pet sitters up in Maine, I might stand a chance of finding someone equally good in DE, with Jen.

I spoke to Jen about my Dane’s insecurities and bluffs and Jen came to visit. From the moment she entered, my Dane fell in love with her. I never worry when we have to go out of town. The Newfoundland passed last month, but we have a new guy now with thunder issues and I have no doubt that Jennifer will once again be the answer to prayers, and when we need her, keep him safe and feeling secure. She is unbelievable!