As a professional dog walker in Lewes, Delaware a great leash is one of my most prized possessions. The problem is, how do you choose a great leash? When you walk into a pet store typically there is an entire wall dedicated to leashes! Being a dog walker my focus when walking a client’s dog is two fold; cardiovascular exercise for the dog (and myself of course), and teaching or reinforcing proper leash manners. By proper leash manners I am referring to loose leash walking and walking in a heel position.

If you feel like this each time you walk your dog you aren’t going to walk him very often. It is NOT fun to be pulled down the road. Not to mention, think about the wear and tear on your body. I have had a client tell me that her dog dislocated both of her shoulders. Fellow pet sitters have had to have foot and knee surgery as a result of years of being pulled by client’s dogs. Don’t worry, there is a solution and it starts with YOU assisted by proper equipment, and your awesome For Your Spot professional dog walker of course ;-). Shoot us an email to get scheduled for your consultation, and we will show you the way…

Ok, step 1 is take that retractable leash and put it in the closet to use only on special occasions (like if it’s raining or you are just out for a potty break). For the purpose of leash walks a 4-6′ leash is recommended.

Here are my personal favorite leashes to walk with.

Leather leash: I have had one of these for several years, and hold it near and dear to my heart. I got this leash for my cane corso, Brody. Brody was about 135 pounds, he had wobbler’s syndrome and was a very easily distracted. The first benefit I think of when holding this leash is how soft it is on the skin of my hand when a dog is pulling. There is nothing worse than feeling like your skin is being scraped off by a course leash.

Double Handle Leash: These make training your dog to heal a bit easier without having to wrap the leash around your hand several times. I prefer the one with the cushioned handles. Talk about luxury. Your wrist will thank you.

Hands Free Leash: There are two options I like for this, depending on whether you walk one dog or two.

**Word of caution- Do not do this if your dog(s) are unruly on the leash! Please spare your lumbar. I personally do not recommend walking more than 2 this way (unless they are all loose leash walkers) I repeat, spare your lumbar!