Unless you work from home, never take vacations, or always take your animals with you everywhere, chances are you leave your pets at home alone sometimes. Maybe you even do that most days, for hours at a time.

While your schedule may be set and you may not notice anything that indicates your pets would want something different, it’s still likely your animal friend would like some more company and attention than she’s getting.

After all, unlike a child, your dog can’t use words to ask for more attention or complain about being lonely while you’re away. Animal experts, however, are trained to pick up on subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle!) messages from pets that they aren’t thriving while home alone for long stretches of time.

Here are some of the signs your pet would benefit from a pet sitter or dog walker coming to your Southern Delaware home for a visit!

Dogs are very social animals. The excitement that your pup shows when you walk in the door after a long day is sweet, but it can also be a sign that he is experiencing loneliness and feelings of abandonment throughout the hours by himself.

When you’re at work, you have social interaction, even if it’s a meeting, email exchange, phone call, or text message. When your pup is at home on his own, he’s truly isolated. A pet sitter can break up the day and give your pet the attention he needs to feel safe and cared for, all while in the comfort of your pet’s home turf.

Additionally, most varieties of dog breeds also benefit from regular intervals of exercise. Some behavior signs displayed by dogs who aren’t getting enough exercise include

-Excessive barking.

Chewing things their human feels they shouldn’t.

Excessive jumping (all over you or guests to your home).

Pulling on the leash. Some pulling may be normal and something to work on in training, but excessive pulling can be a sign your dog isn’t getting enough physical activity.

Digging. Although digging can sometimes be a natural behavior, it also functions as a means of releasing frustration.

A mid-day walk, game of catch, or romp around the yard or park can go a long way toward helping manage that built up energy, meaning your dog (and you!) are better off the rest of the day.

A professional pet sitter or dog walker comes to your home and provides much-needed companionship and attention for your dog. Especially on days when you’re putting in long hours at work or out of town, your dog misses your company. And while a hired professional can’t replace you, she can provide loving care that will keep your pooch healthy, happy, and active.

What about cats?

Cats often get a bad reputation as being “above” people-company, but even felines who seem disinterested in visitors can benefit greatly from care while you’re away.

For example, cats are natural predators, which is one reason they sometimes get destructive without some quality play time with you! A good hunt of the fishing pole, string play, bell ball, or some other cat toy releases their inner tiger, which in turn wears them out more so they sleep better at night.

If your kitten or cat is up all night scrounging around or is scratching, it may be time to talk with a professional pet sitter.

Another reason pets benefit from daily visits is that a professional animal companion is trained to notice patterns of behavior that may indicate an underlying health problem (lethargy, drinking excessively, changes in their litter box habits, changes in their demeanor or how they act). Often these slight changes may go unnoticed even by their owners, because they see their pet every day.

A home visit during the day can help curb bad behavior because a tired dog is a good dog. Remember, when you’ve been out working hard for eight hours and your dog has been lounging around waiting for you to get home, wouldn’t you both be better off for your dog to have had a good workout so you can relax at the end of the day?

If you think it’s time to help your pets reap the benefits from quality in-home pet care, get in touch with For Your Spot, and we can answer any questions you have about our services. We’re always happy to hear about your pet’s specific needs and cater our care to your animal. You can also check out what some of our clients have to say about how much their cats, dogs, birds, and other pets love our care providers.