Keeping dogs warm in the frigid temperatures of winters can prove to be a real challenge for pet owners. While ensuring the cleanliness of a dog’s coat and paws is vital to their health and wellbeing, keeping them warm and comforted is of equal importance.

To help you care for your pet in the icy, blustery weather, we are sharing some winter grooming recommendations that you can use to keep your dog clean and healthy.

1. Bathing and Grooming

Many dog owners believe that bathing a dog in the wintertime may leave them cold and uncomfortable. This is, in fact, a misconception. It is all right to follow the normal bathing schedule in winters as well. As a matter of fact, dogs with longer, thicker coats may require washing more frequently during colder months of the year. However, there are some precautions that you should take to keep your dog from catching cold or flu.

Use a good-quality brush to detangle any knots. Make sure that you dry your dog’s coat before you take him out. If your dog is used to air drying, bathe him immediately after the morning nature break when he can get some sunlight.
If it’s too stressful for your dog, consider using dry cleaning methods. Sprinkle some dry shampoo on the coat and brush it through to remove excess powder and to detangle all knots.

2. Protecting the Paws

Snow, ice, and mud, all can damage your dog’s paws in winters. Therefore, it is advisable that you invest in dog protective boots to protect the paws from any elements that may result in an injury. You can take your dog outdoors in winters as well but make sure to rinse your dog’s feet with warm water to remove ice, mud, and gravel. Keep the toenails short because longer nails may become brittle in the cold weather and break more easily. Also, clip excess hair growing on the paws to prevent ice and mud from sticking to your dog’s feet.

3.Trimming the Coat

Most dogs don’t need a haircut in winters as a longer, thicker coat keeps them warm in the cold environment. However, dogs that don’t spend a lot of time outdoors and are usually snuggled up in the warm, comfortable environment of a centrally heated home do not have to rely on a thick coat to stay warm. So, it’s alright to give your dog a haircut if he is used to regular trimming due to his sensitive skin, but make sure you purchase a doggie sweater for him to keep him warm on a walk outdoors.

These three simple tips should help you take care of your dog during winters. If you need more pet care tips, you may contact us at