While humans party and celebrate on New Year’s Eve, pets can become extremely anxious around loud noises of fireworks. Not only this, the deafening noise and blinding lights of fireworks may damage the ears and eyes of dogs. Therefore, it is important that pet owners take precautionary measures to keep their canine companion protected during New Year celebrations.

In this article, we are sharing some tips that you can use to help your dog avoid the mental and physical trauma associated with fireworks.

1. Keep Your Dog Indoors

The simplest thing that you can do to protect your dog from the loud noises of fireworks is keep them indoors throughout the night. It is preferable that you arrange to have your dog kept in a place where there won’t be any firework displays. You may consider creating a safe space for them away from windows if possible. A bedroom closet is a great option.

Also, if you’re invited to a New Year’s party, consider asking a pet sitter to check in on your pets.

2. Minimize Noise and Flashes of Light

Close all windows and doors and draw the curtains to block off flashes of bright light. You may also switch on radio or television to block out the sound of the fireworks.

3. Make Your Pet Identifiable

Loud noises of fireworks may cause your dog to seek an escape and run away. Therefore, make sure that your dog is wearing some form of easily readable identification. While it is preferable that you get your pet microchipped, a simple collar and tag can also improve your pet’s chances of being reunited with you in the unfortunate event of them escaping from the home.

4. Use Stress-Relieving Techniques

Loud fireworks may cause your dog to exhibit the symptoms of anxiety, such as aggressive behavior, excessive panting, or lip licking. Use natural remedies to relieve anxiety and calm your dog. Give him a comforting massage or play soothing music to make him feel less anxious.

5. When you cannot be Home…

If you cannot be home on New Year’s Eve, give your pet access to a hideout that offers them protection from fireworks. Make sure that there is plenty of water in the room. You may also consider medicating your dog if he becomes excessively stressed due to loud noises; however, make sure that you do this after consultation with your veterinarian and follow the dosage instructions exactly. Or, alternatively, you may consider seeking assistance from a pet sitting service to offer your dog company while you’re out.

Using these tips can make New Year’s Eve a pleasant time for your dog; however, being fearful due to loud noises is an emotional response which your dog cannot control. Therefore, do not punish him if he exhibits aggressive behavior.