Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing the humans in your life some love. It’s a great excuse to treat your pet to something nice. They might not be able to return the favor with a gift, but you’ll get a return on investment in the form of unconditional affection.

 According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend about $815 million on pet Valentine’s Day gifts each year. Here are some ideas for showing your pet you care this February 14.

A basket of treats

What’s better than dog treat? A basket of dog treats, of course! That’s how your dog will see things, anyway. Go with store-bought treats or maybe make your own.

 Unlike a human, a dog doesn’t care about how many calories they eat or the impact treats have on their waistline. Just make sure that you balance treats with lots of exercise. If you live in a climate where February is cold, check out these winter dog walking tips.

Spa day

A trip to the groomer is the closest thing your pet will have to a spa day. Schedule some time for them to get a nice bath, nail clipping, and a haircut. It doesn’t sound that different from a spa package you might buy for a significant other, right?

 If you want to take this idea to the next level, there are luxury pet spas that offer services like massage and aromatherapy specifically tailored to animals. Your pet won’t be able to tell you how they enjoy these treatments, but you may notice a difference in their behavior after the treatment.

A new bed

Every pet needs a comfy place to rest its head, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your pet’s bed. Heated beds are particularly cozy for winter months, as are fleece-lined models. 

If you are a cat owner, consider outfitting the new bed with a catnip pillow, which is sure to please even the pickiest felines and ensure they have sweet dreams all year long.

A special meal

Valentine’s Day is about indulgent eating, so put the canned or bagged food aside for a night and make your pet a feast of their favorite foods. Maybe it’s a steak for your dog or some fresh tuna for your cat. You can even cap it off with Frosty Paws or other types of pet-approved desserts.

 If you are already planning a special meal with your significant other, make your pet part of it. Or maybe they’ll get the leftovers from that fancy dinner at a restaurant.

 Much like the treat basket, make sure the meal is balanced with exercise and that it is the exception, not the rule, in your pet’s overall diet. And, be sure to avoid foods like chocolate that can be harmful to animals.

New toys

Your pet might not know why they are getting a new toy, but they will always appreciate one when it comes.

 There are a lot of Valentine’s-themed toys on the market, everything from heart-shaped chew toys to red and pink catnip mice. Seeing those patterns will provide a nice reminder of you bought the toy in the first place.

 A toy with hearts or other Valentine’s themes will also show others that you gave your pet some love on Valentine’s Day.

Love and affection

While buying something is always nice, the simplest way to show your pet some love this Valentine’s Day is by spending extra time with them.

 Extend a walk by 15 minutes, give a few extra belly scratches, or treat them to a nice brushing session. A little love will go a long way.