Is your dog left alone for long periods of time during the day? Do they take out their boredom and frustration on your shoes and furniture?  If so, it may be time to consider hiring a dog walker. Dog walkers provide daytime relief for your pup by taking them for bathroom and play breaks while you’re at work or away for extended periods of time.

 But, before you hire just any dog walker, there are certain questions you should ask to ensure they are right fit. Here are five questions you should ask a potential dog walker.

 1)      How long have you been a dog walker?

 Knowing how long someone has been a dog walker will help you gauge their experience level. If you have a difficult or high-energy dog, an experienced dog walker may handle them better. Experienced dog walkers also tend to know how to handle situations or problems that arise better than inexperienced dog walkers.  

 However, don’t count out a new dog walker! Though they may not have the experience of long-time dog walkers, that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing. Ultimately, it comes to down to who is the right fit for you and your pup.

 2)      Where will you take my dog? To the park? For a walk around the block? On a hike?

 Where your dog walker takes your pup is more of a personal preference. Some dogs don’t do well at the dog park while others love it. Senior dogs may be better candidates for walks around the block whereas younger, more energetic dogs could benefit from long hikes. Talk with your dog walker and come up with a plan that will suit your dog’s energy level and lifestyle.

 3)      Will they be walked in a group or individually?

 Some dogs don’t do well in groups and prefer to be walked individually. Other dogs love to be part of a pack and will do very well walking with a group. Whether your dog gets walked individually or in a group is a personal preference, but some dog walkers specialize in walking a pack of dogs. After all, it’s not always easy walking multiple dogs at once!

 Make sure your dog walker has a clear understanding of your dog’s personality. If you know your dog doesn’t well in groups, make sure you clearly communicate that to them to avoid any confusion.

 4)      Will you be the only one walking my dog?

 If your potential dog walker is part of a company or works with others, this is an important question. Make sure you always know who will be walking your pup. If for some reason your dog walker can’t make it one day, make sure you know who will take their place!

 This may mean meeting multiple dog walkers and ensuring they are all on the same page. Furthermore, it’s important your dog gets along with them. Dogs that get along with their dog walkers are much more likely to listen to and respect them, reducing the risk of any problems during their time together.

 5)      How will you handle any behavioral issues?

 Even the most well-behaved pup can have a behavioral flair-up. What if they see a squirrel across the street and bolt? What if they encounter another dog and get into an altercation? Will the dog walker be prepared and know how to handle that? Make sure you and your dog walker have a clear understanding of how to handle any issues or problems.

  Having a reliable, passionate dog walker will keep your dog happy and healthy throughout the day. Asking the right questions will ensure you and your dog walker are on the same page and provide your pup with the best possible experience.

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