The majority of pet owners know certain foods are off-limits to pets – chocolate being one of the worse ones. But what about other common household items? Some household staples are actually quite toxic to animals. Here are ten common household items that could seriously harm your pet.

 1) Lilies

Flower lovers take note; lilies are very toxic to pets. Cats who ingest lilies can suffer from kidney failure. Lilies can also cause heart rhythm problems in both cats and dogs. Lilies aren’t the only poisonous household plant – azaleas, philodendron, and mistletoe are also toxic to animals.

 2) Bread dough

Avoid tossing some leftover dough to your dog. If a dog ingests bread dough, their stomach could expand and cut off their blood supply – with necessary surgery as the outcome. Furthermore, the yeast in dough contains alcohol, which is toxic to dogs and could cause respiratory failure or seizures.

3) Leftover bones

Making chicken wings? Resist to urge to give the bones to your pup. If your dog is chewing on a bone that shatters, it could get lodged in their throat and cause them to choke.

4) Medication

Though certain human medication is safe to give to your dog (such as Benadryl), most medications are not safe. Pain killers, vitamins, cold medicine and some creams or ointments can all be hazardous to your dog.

 5) Chocolate

Although chocolate is probably the most well-known human food that is toxic to animals, it’s worth repeating. Chocolate is severely toxic to dogs and cats. Pets that consume large amounts of chocolate can die due to the levels of theobromine (a diuretic that is similar to caffeine).

 6) Floss

You normally wouldn’t think twice about throwing floss in the garbage, but be careful – floss can be hazardous to your pets. If swallowed, floss can potentially cause intestinal blockages. In addition to floss, make sure your pet doesn’t get a hold of rubber bands, yarn, or string.

7) Sidewalk salt

This is especially important if you live in a northern climate that is prone to snow and ice. The salt used to de-ice sidewalks and driveways can be extremely poisonous to pets if ingested. To avoid your pet licking it off their paws, wash their paws off immediately after a winter weather walk.

 8) Batteries

Another common household item that is dangerous to pets: batteries. You normally wouldn’t think twice about these, but if your pet gets a hold of one, they can develop ulcers in their mouth, stomach, or esophagus.

 9) Dryer sheets

Post taking clothes out of the dryer, make sure you grab that fabric softener sheet that dropped on the ground. Dogs tend to think they are a toy, but in reality, they can cause mouth, stomach, or esophagus ulcers.

 10) Tobacco

Even if you aren’t a smoker yourself, if a smoker frequently visits your house, make sure they keep their pack of cigarettes out of reach. Animals that ingest nicotine can suffer from vomiting, tremors, collapse, or even death.

So, next time you’re cleaning or rearranging, make sure you keep this list in mind. Ensure these items are all out of your pet’s reach. If your furry friend does get into any of these items, call your veterinarian immediately.

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