We all know dogs are quite energetic – they love to run and play any chance they can. But certain dogs tend to be more active than others. And while some families prefer a more docile, quiet dog, families that live a fairly active lifestyle may want a pup that can keep up with them during their daily run or hike. So we’ve rounded up five of the best dog breeds for active families.

Not only are these pups highly active, they are also great with children and make awesome family pets!

 1)      Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are an affectionate, sweet breed that loves to play. They were originally bred to herd, so they love to run and play with their humans – especially children. Their personality makes them an amazing family dog – perfect for active families. They’ll love nothing more than to accompany you on long walks or hikes.

 2)      Boxer

This intelligent and loyal breed is great with children and quite active. Boxers are known to be loyal and devoted to their families. Plus, they absolutely adore children. Their high energy levels make them the perfect companion for hikes, runs, or long walks.

 3)      Golden Retriever

Among the most well-known family dog, the Golden Retriever makes a great companion for active families. Their stable temperament and hard-to-beat personality make them a breeze to take in public. Plus, their love of the outdoors means they’ll do anything from hiking to running.

 4)      Collie

Collie’s are great for active families. They’ll love to go on long walks or hikes and you’ll probably tire out before they do! And just like the famous Lassie, Collie’s are great with children of all ages.

 5)      Vizsla

These intelligent, affectionate, and sensitive dogs are excellent family companions. Not only are they great with children, their endless energy makes them the perfect pup for active families. If you’re a regular runner or hiker, the Vizsla will be right there by your side. They also love to swim and have an easygoing personality, meaning you can easily to take them anywhere.

If you’re looking for a breed that fits in with your active lifestyle, consider one of these five breeds. But with an active breed comes extra energy – and pent up energy can result in destructive behavior – especially when left alone for long periods of time.

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