We’ve all heard of spring cleaning – where you shed the layers of winter and give your house a thorough makeover. But why stop there? Your dog can use some spring cleaning themselves – and we’ve got seven tips to help.

 1)      Sort out the pantry

Spring is a great time to check on your pups’ food and treat expiration dates. Even if you’re in a household where treat bags barely last a week, some can make their way to the back of the pantry and expire.

If you keep your dog food or treats in a storage container, don’t refill them until the last scoop is served and wash the container – you’ll get rid of all the stale pieces that way.

 2)      Restock their first aid kit

If you have an energetic pup, spring is the perfect time to replenish their first aid kit – or make one! A kit containing hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial ointments, and bandages is a good start.

Adding items like a second leash, scissors, tweezers, a splint, styptic powder to help stop bleeding, Benadryl (in case of an allergy attack), and copies of their medical record will help keep them safe in the event of an emergency.

 3)      Clean out the toys

If you’re like countless other dog owners, your pup probably has more toys than you can count. Now is a great opportunity to either wash their toys or get rid of them. One tip is to make a keep, donate, or toss pile. Anything that you are keeping or donating should get thoroughly washed in the washing machine or in the sink.

Any toy that looks beyond repair or is severely ripped should be tossed.

 4)      Wash bedding and blankets

Many pet owners aren’t aware just how dirty their dogs bed is. Dog beds tend to attract dirt and grime – and even fleas – so washing them regularly is very important. If you have a dog bed that has a removable cover, pop it in the washing machine with mild, unscented detergent and softener.

And, don’t forget to wash any blankets your pup likes to sleep or lounge on!

 5)      Check the collars

If your pup has been wearing the same collar or tag for as long as you can remember, spring is a great time to upgrade. Getting a new tag – especially if the current one is scratched or scuffed – can make all the difference if your pup happens to go missing.

And, dog collars can get just as dirty. If you don’t want to get a new one, wash the current one in a bowl filled with hot water and a couple squirts of dog shampoo. Rub the collar against itself to get out all the dirt.

 6)      Clean the house

If you are able to, consider getting your floors or carpets professionally cleaned in the spring. These types of cleanings remove more dirt, hair, and dander than a regular vacuum or carpet cleaner.

Also, replace any air filters and vacuum cleaners, choosing one that focuses on suction rather than horsepower.

 7)      Get to grooming

Giving your dog a full bath keeps them clean and healthy, but over-bathing can lead to dry skin. Try giving your dog a quick, dry bath instead. Brush their fur first, then wipe them down with a towel sprayed with half apple cider vinegar and half water. Then, sprinkle some baking soda on them to neutralize the vinegar smell. Let it sit for a couple minutes then brush it out!

Spring is also a perfect time to check on your pups grooming supplies – like their shampoo and conditioner as well as flea and tick treatment.

Why leave all the spring cleaning fun to the humans? Use these seven tips and tricks to give your pup the full spring cleaning treatment.

Do you have a nosy pup that won’t let you get your cleaning done? Why not hire a dog walker for a couple hours? Not only will you get your cleaning finished in peace, your pup will get to have fun on a walk and release some energy. For all your dog walking needs, check out 4 Your Spot here!