Fall is here and you know what that means – cool weather, football, and Halloween. Now that you can go outside without immediately sweating, it’s time to enjoy all that fall has to offer. Don’t exclude your pup from all the fun, though. Here are some fun fall activities you can enjoy with your dog!

 Go on a Hike

What is better than taking a hike on a crisp fall day? The summer months are generally too hot for a trek up a mountain or trail but now that it’s fall, it is the perfect time to explore and bond with your pup. To fully enjoy your hike, make sure to pack plenty of water, dog-friendly sunscreen, some rain gear, and snacks – for both you and your pup!

 Head Over To a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are synonymous with fall – especially picking one out from a pumpkin patch! But don’t leave your pup out! While they aren’t necessarily obsessed with picking out pumpkins, they will enjoy hanging out with you and spending some time outdoors. They’ll get their exercise in while you pick out the perfect one. And, pumpkin is a superfood for pups! So all that hard work can be put to good use. Try adding a scoop to their dinner.

 It’s Tailgating Time

Another thing synonymous with fall? Football. More specifically? Tailgating. Try searching for a dog-friendly campus or stadium lot and pack up your cooler and grill. Your pup will love to hang out with you and if you’re able to bring some toys with you, they will get some exercise in. If you aren’t able to make it to the actual stadium, throw an impromptu party in the backyard! Extra props if you can invite some of their four-legged friends.

 Trick or Treating

Halloween is the perfect time to do some serious bonding with your pup. Most Halloween stores have dog costumes but if you aren’t a fan of the commercial ones, why not make your own costume? In fact, why not make it a couple’s costume? Depending on how tolerant your pup is, you can dress up as a Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Just make sure not to feed your pup any of the Halloween candy!

 Go Camping

Who doesn’t love a good camping trip during the cool fall months? Your pup will love to explore the outdoors and you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing trip in nature. Make sure to plan activities like exploration walks, picnics, and even canoe rides – if your dog is okay in the water! Be sure your dog is never left unattended and you bring enough food, water and toys for them.

Now that the summer months have come and gone, it’s time to fully enjoy the fall. Try one – or all – of these fun fall activities with your pup to make the most of the season.

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