It’s that time of year again – the holidays are upon us and it’s time to start thinking about what to cook for the annual family gatherings. While most of us only think about our two-legged friends when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, why leave out your four-legged friends? Here are ten Thanksgiving foods that are both pup-safe and pup-approved.


The most common Thanksgiving dish is also safe for your dog to enjoy! The main caveat, though, is that is has to be cooked and unseasoned. The majority of Thanksgiving turkeys are seasoned and stuffed with all kinds of delicious herbs and spices, but if you’re looking to let your pup snack on some, make sure to set aside some center cuts sans-flavoring. Skin and bones are off-limits, too, as the skins rich flavor can cause gastrointestinal problems while bones can crack or splinter and lead to serious intestinal problems like internal bleeding.

 Sweet Potatoes

Whether you’re a fan of candied sweet potatoes or roasted ones, sweet potatoes are a favorite among canines. In fact, sweet potatoes are a superfood for pups. They are full of vitamin C, vitamin, A, beta-carotene, fiber, potassium, and more. Feed your dog some raw or dried slices of sweet potato as a Thanksgiving treat. Don’t feed them canned sweet potatoes or ones with marshmallows as this sweet treat contains xylitol – the artificial sweetener that is a big no-no for dogs.

 Green Beans

Commonly found in that classic casserole, green beans are another dog-safe Thanksgiving food. While humans like to enjoy this vegetable cooked, pups would rather have them raw. Prior to adding them to the delicious casserole, toss a few to your hungry dog. They contain vitamins K and C and are high in fiber. Avoid giving them other casserole staples like onions and mushrooms, though, as they are toxic to pups.


A general fall staple, pumpkin is another superfood for pups. While the two-legged creatures often enjoy pumpkin in pie form, dogs prefer to eat it right off the spoon – or mixed in with their food. Pumpkin contains fiber and helps aid with digestion. Be sure to feed them fresh pumpkin, though, as the pumpkin pie filling is off-limits.


Just like for humans, carrots are a healthy and tasty dog treat. Full of fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamins, carrots are the perfect Thanksgiving snack for your pup. Raw carrots are the best as they also help clean your pup’s teeth. This high antioxidant vegetable also benefits pups with cancer.

 Bread or Rolls

While these have no real nutritional value for pups, bread or rolls are a dog-safe Thanksgiving staple food. If you spring for the whole-grain version, though, they can provide a small amount of fiber for your pup. Raw dough is definitely off-limits but cooked bread or rolls is simply a tasty treat for your pup.


Making an apple pie for dessert? Make sure to leave a couple pieces out for your pup. Apples can either be given by the slice, or added to homemade dog treats. For a tasty, simple treat, try freezing cubed apples with plain yogurt in a clean ice cube tray. That way, they can have their very own Thanksgiving dessert!

 Cranberry Sauce

 Surprisingly enough, cranberry sauce is safe for pups. Just be sure to feed them small amounts as it is high in sugar. And, make sure the sauce doesn’t contain any grapes, currants, or raisins as they are toxic to dogs.

 Macaroni & Cheese

 If your pup isn’t allergic to cheese and handles dairy fairly well, you can give them a small amount of your Thanksgiving macaroni and cheese. If there are a lot of additives to the dish or a lot of different cheeses, it might be in your dog’s best interest to skip out on this dish.

 Mashed Potatoes

If you’re opting for mashed potatoes over sweet potatoes, you can still sneak some to your pup. The Thanksgiving dish is safe for dogs but if you add any garlic, onions, chives, or leeks, don’t share as those ingredients are not safe for your pup!

Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with or without your canine friend, make sure to save enough of the leftovers of these ten dog-safe holidays foods!

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