The house is decorated, lights adorn the neighborhood houses, and you’ve got a head start on your holiday shopping list – and yet you still feel like you’re forgetting something. Then it hits you – you haven’t gotten your furry friend a present! If you have absolutely no clue what to get your pup, here are 10 perfect, pup-approved holiday gifts!

A Custom Toy That Looks Just Like Them

Your dog may just see it as another chew toy but you’ll have peace of mind that your pup is chewing on a stuffed version of themselves. And if you want to preserve the custom toy, you can always take it with you when you travel so you can always have your furry friend with you. Create your own here.

A Brand New Dog Bed

Considering your pup spends the majority of their day snoozing, why not let them sleep in peace? A good bed isn’t just nice to lounge and sleep on, it always help prevent joint and bone damage – especially in older pups. There are many sturdy, quality options available but here is a great one from the human mattress company Casper.

Their Very Own Blanket

Sure a blanket is a pretty simple gift but have you ever seen a dog not want to snuggle up in a cozy blanket? So why not get them their own so they don’t have to keep stealing yours? There are tons of options in terms of prints, sizes, and fluffiness but here is a simple one from Chewy. Bonus points if you give them the blanket with their brand new bed.

A Box of Bully Sticks

Rather than risking it with rawhide, gift your pup some delicious and safe treats. A favorite among dogs, bully sticks are a great alternative to traditional rawhide. Bully sticks keep pups occupied and helps keep their teeth and gums in tip top shape. Pick up a big box from Amazon here.

A Treat Dispenser Camera

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you aren’t home? Then it’s time to get a dog camera. This particular version from Petzi allows you to view, talk, and dispense treats to your pup while you’re at work or running errands thanks to their handy smartphone app. The app even allows you to snap pics of your pup. Grab yours here.

Custom Food Bowls

This gift may be more for you since dogs would be more than happy eating off the ground, but anything customized is great gift. To sweeten the deal, you can throw some treats in there prior to wrapping it so your pup has to rip open the paper themselves! Find some customizable bowl options here.

An Interactive Ball Thrower

If you’ve got a ball lover on your hands you should strongly consider getting the interactive ball thrower. The device, called the iFetch, allows your pup to play fetch all day – even when you’re not home. It can launch balls up to 30 feet so it’s perfect for indoors or outdoors. Grab your own iFetch here.

A Box of Festive Treats

We get to eat holiday cookies so why shouldn’t your pup? Pick up a box of festive treats from Dog Park Publishing and try to stop your pup from eating them all in one sitting. Just make sure you don’t get them confused with the box of holiday cookies for your human guests. Grab your box here.

Glow in the Dark Ball

Why stop at sundown? Give your dog something to search for when it’s dark outside with this glow in the dark ball. It’s compatible with the Chuckit. Ball Launcher, non-toxic, and perfectly safe (and fun) for pups. Pick up yours here.

A Daily Walk with For Your Spot

Do you know what dogs love almost as much as food? Walks. Indulge them during the day with a trusted dog walker from For Your Spot. Our walker will tailor to your needs and your pup will thank you for that extra mid-day walk. And, you’ll come home to a much calmer pup. Learn more about For Your Spot here.

Even if you’ve already shopped for your furry family member, why not give them a little something extra this year? After all, weren’t they a good dog this year?