Has your dog been acting strange lately? Have they been less active or enthuastic? This may come as a surprise, but dogs get bored just like humans do. Boredom can show in different ways and can sometimes be misconceived as a medical issue.  There are several specific signs to look for. If your pup is showing any of these five signs, they may be bored. And, if they are showing these signs, don’t fret – there are ways you can help!

Destructive Behavior

One of the biggest signs your dog is bored is destructive behavior. If your pup is starting to chew furniture or shoes, dig in the house or backyard, or shred things they aren’t supposed to, it could mean they aren’t getting enough mental stimulation or physical exercise.

How to Combat Destructive Behavior

To help stop destructive behavior, you have to make sure your pup receives enough physical and mental exercise. Keeping your pup occupied will keep them busy and out of trouble. Try adding some extra minutes to your daily walk or even adding a daily jog. If your dog is a chewer, try giving them a sturdy and safe chew toy or bone to help keep their mouth and mind busy throughout the day.

Seeking Constant Attention

Constantly seek your attention can certainly be a sign that your dog is bored. If medical and training issues have been ruled out; constant barking, jumping, or sticking their nose in your face could mean it’s a boredom issue.

How to Prevent Constant Attention Seeking

Giving in to your dogs consistent attention attempts are counterintuitive as they’ll think they are being rewarded. The best option is to prevent it. If you normally walk your dog at night, try adding a quick morning walk to help release that early morning energy. Also, make sure your pup is getting enough attention! You don’t need to overdo it, but giving them enough love and affection will help fight off their constant need for attention.

Chasing Their Tail

While sometimes cute, constant tail chasing can be a sign of boredom. It’s perfectly normal once in a while but if it starts to get out of hand, it may mean they need something more to keep their mind occupied.

How to Stop Constant Tail Chasing

Try working on new training techniques or playing mentally stimulating games to help keep your dogs mind in tip-top shape. Give your pup a puzzle or a treat dispensing toy when you are not able to give them your full attention. A puzzle or treat dispensing toy will help keep them occupied and provide a mental challenge.

Change in Mood or Behavior

If you notice your dog isn’t as happy or playful as they normally are, the first thing you should do is take them to your veterinarian. If medical issues are ruled out, the change in their behavior can mean your pup is bored.

How to Help Their Mood

To help combat listlessness, try going on an adventure! Hop in the car and go to a new dog park, the beach, or a hiking trail. Dogs love to see and smell new places! Make sure your pup gets to run around and exercise on a daily basis. That can mean a daily walk or play sessions in the backyard – or both!

Excessive Chewing or Licking

If your dog has started to excessively chew or lick themselves (or you) recently, it could mean they are getting bored. First, you must make sure there are no medical issues as excessive grooming can be a sign of a larger problem.

How to Prevent Excessive Chewing or Licking

The best way to combat excessive grooming is to keep your dogs brain, paws, and mouth busy! Try playing fetch in the backyard or using treats to teach them a new trick. Or, pick up a new toy or bone next time you’re at the pet store. Bonus points if it’s a mind-stimulating one!

If you do think your dog is bored, you should consult veterinarian first to rule out a medical problem. If it isn’t medical, use these tips and tricks to help stave off boredom and keep your pup feeling happy and healthy!

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